Motorcycle accident: American pilot motocross Caselii Kurt died Friday in a motorcycle accident

One of the most famous enduro and motocross riders in the world died Friday in Mexico in time of the 46 editions of the competition Baja 1000. Called "King" in competitive off-road KTM rider had lost control of his sport motorcycle in a sand dune, twisting his dead. Kurt enormous that he wanted his team to win and was the favorite of the competition, announcing Daily News . See video!

Shocking! A MasterChef finalist committed suicide!

A former finalist of Masterchef U.S. was found dead in an alley in Chicago, and authorities believe he committed suicide.
A woman called police Friday night screaming for help. When the crew arrived at the location indicated, Josh Marks, 26, was found lying on the ground, shot in the head.

NASA has identified large asteroid that is likely to hit Earth. When would be the impact

NASA announced that the 10,000 asteroids are near Earth, one will be very close to our planet, and the risk of impact can not be excluded.

The caravan rv trailer holidays. 2,000 $ and got rid of hotel for life if you stay in a park

rv trailer
A caravan with heating, bathroom with shower, stove and suitable furniture costs about $ 2,000. EVZ shows you the steps to purchase a home on wheels and a good list of campsites in USA.

5 years ago lived in this rv trailer caravan. Today is one of the richest women in England

A trailer whose rental cost of £ 85 per week is where Angela Dawes lived in Britain before winning the grand prize of 101 million pounds in the lottery.
Angela, now aged 43, lived in "house" with two bedrooms days 5 years ago with her husband John Leeman and son Steven.
Now stay in a caravan park services on the outskirts Walsoken, where she now lives, but it is light years away from the luxury in which Angela will live with her Husband David after winning the grand prize of the lottery EuroMilionarilor Friday.

The USA Government about Texas RV park for discrimination against transgender woman

On behalf of the federal government, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has filed a lawsuit against a Texas recreational vehicle park for alleged discrimination against a transgender woman.

The place where Will Smith relaxes is a rv trailer caravan for 2 million dollars!

Will Smith has sparked controversy in the SoHo neighborhood of New York trailer that he uses to relax during the breaks in filming "Man in Black III."

Ashton Kutcher relaxing place in a caravan rv trailer for 2 million dollars. Look how gorgeous is!

Will you believe it or not, but this villa on wheels belongs to Ashton Kutcher, at least during the filming of "Two and a Half Men" and its cost is $ 2 million.

A new incident in Washington. A man set himself on fire near White House

A new incident shakes the silence from Washington. A man burned himself near White House. He suffered burns but was rescued and is conscious.

Barack Obama: Iran could equip a bomb about "over a year"

U.S. President Barack Obama said Iran could produce a nuclear bomb "over the year or later" in an interview aired on Saturday, AFP reports.

U.S. attacked two terrorist bases in Libya and Somalia. One Al-Qaeda leader was captured

U.S. special forces have conducted raids Saturday on terrorist bases in Somalia and Libya according to statements issued by representatives of the administration in Washington, reports CNN.

Four suspected sabotage at a nuclear complex, arrested in Iran

Four people were arrested on charges of trying to commit sabotage an Iranian nuclear complex, announces Ali Akbar Salehi, head of Iran's Atomic Energy Agency, AFP informs.

"Comet of the Century" is coming from the Sun. Over two months to come to Earth and will be visible

Mortals have a new reason to fear the coming end of the world. ISON comet, discovered by two Russian astronauts after one year is approaching the Sun. It is huge, with a core of a few kilometers and unusually bright. It was already dubbed "comet of the century", telescopes and satellites and space agencies in America and Europe watched her carefully. Some are convinced that Americans are supplies of food and water and even the Russians signed a support agreement, if the situation becomes critical. Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok astronomers who discovered it a year ago, they called ISON, acronym in English for the international program of the night sky observation. Even tomorrow .... "Tuesday, the comet will pass near Mars.

The whole community believed in the sanctity of the priest who lived in an rv trailer. Hiding behind the cloth but a monster

He was a priest at a church in Michigan, United States, and was engaged to a woman who was faithful and loved him. But what he had to do the entire community left speechless.

John D. White killed his fiancée's daughter because of a sinister fantasies. Priest dreamed of sex with 24-year young body, and why he decided to kill her.

"I got in November so. I wanted to marry her." Shocking discovery made in a caravan

An elderly woman who lived in a trailer park in a specially arranged in Michigan, the United States has not paid rent for several months, and the owner wanted to evacuate.
When they opened the door to the trailer where he lived Annie Marquis, 72, cops had a very unpleasant surprise: old lying dead on a couch, according to The Huffington Post . Then they started defending really shocking details ...

France has banned beauty contests for children. "They are too young"

French senators have decided to ban beauty pageants for children because of fears about their early sexualization.
The law provides that no child under the age of 16 have no legal right to participate in a beauty pageant, according to Daily Mail .
Organisers who will not follow this new law are liable to two years imprisonment and a fine of 30,000 euros.
Chantal Jouanno senator urged his colleagues not to allow girls to believe that they will be judged according to appearance.
"Do not let us daughters to believe, from a young age, they will be judged on the criterion of physical appearance," said Jouanno.

There are only 17 such cases in the UK. "He has 8 years old and looks like she's pregnant"

A little boy of 8 years in the UK were diagnosed with an extremely rare genetic disorder that makes it appear "charge" reports the Daily Mail.
Aadam Asif is one of the 17 children in the UK who suffer from Niemann-Pick disease, type B, a genetic disorder that manisfeta by excessive enlargement of liver and spleen.
Although it has 8 years left abdomen is more due to increased enforcement. Doctors have barely diagnoticat last year although Aadam was born with this condition.

200 Gypsies evicted from a camp in northern France. "They want all our children to die"

200 Gypsies were banished from that and we improvised shelters on vacant land in a city in northern France.
The action seems to be echoing recent statements of the French Minister of the Interior. In a televised intervention, officials in Paris note that most Roma fail to integrate into French society, so we have to go back where they came from.
Evacuation was hasty, said a local French because Roma families were not available a social housing where lead and many of their children already attend school in town.

"I found the trailer stolen, but some gypsies living in it." Continuing the British mad

A couple in Britain ran their dream caravan who invested £ 30,000 after police have disclosed that she can not evict gypsies who live in it.McLelland Kathleen and Michael Curry were devastated when they learned that their trailer was stolen from the parking lot where he was held. Had paid £ 20,000 for it and still heavily invested £ 10,000 in appliances that are in it.

Exploring RV Travel trailers At the National Museum

At the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, Texas, the Combat Zone is a separate location on the museum’s campus. A unique three-acre indoor and outdoor exhibit and living history venue about a block down the street from the George H.W. Bush Gallery of the museum, an interpreter narrates a tour every hour on the hour during the daytime between 10:00 a.m. and 4:p.m. We started our tour in a simulated hangar deck with our focus on a TMB Avenger torpedo bomber being readied for a strike. For our hour, we drew an informed and entertaining interpreter who filled in information about every aspect of the war featured in the Combat Zone. We moved from the hangar to an exhibit area featuring Patrol Torpedo Boat-309, the only restored World War II combat veteran Higgins class PT boat on public display in the United States today. Its setting is a dock in the south Pacific, standing ready for a night mission. Our interpreter gave facts such as the boat’s launch date in January 1944, and its importance because the wooden structure was undetectable by radar. At 78 feet in length, the Higgins Motor Torpedo Boat had a draft of five feet and six inches. He explained the armament of guns and torpedoes on roll-off racks. b2ap3_thumbnail_ARLINEPTBoat.jpgThe PT-309, stationed in the Mediterranean, is credited with firing over 100 torpedoes and sinking five enemy ships during WWII. Post war years, the PT-309 operated as a charter fishing boat out of Greenport, New York.

RV Park and Marina in Southern California

Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort and Marina is home to the premier RV Park and Marina in Southern California. Guests can enjoy the mile of beach front with swimming and a playground on the beach for the kids. Rent a sailboat, pedal boat or electric boat. You can pitch a tent on one of our camp sites, or take advantage of our new program. Group tent camping on the beach is available as well. See the Back Bay Nature Preserve by kayak or by land in a covered Surrey. Year ‘round events include Summer Movies on the Beach, Annual Easter Egg Hunt, Cardboard Boat Races, Lighting of the Bay, and more.

Sarkozy: If I am elected, France will repeat the fate of Greece and Spain

French President seems to go to extremes in his election. Located on the last minute before the elections, Sarkozy said that if not elected president, France will repeat the fate of Greece and Spain.

Foreign press comments that way, Sarkozy hits in his main opponent, Socialist Francois Hollande. In response, counter it accused Sarkozy of France offers the only chance, namely austerity, highly contested by the French.

With 17 days before presidential elections in France, Sarkozy presented a detailed electoral program, including focusing on security and immigration. Nikolas Sarkozy running for second term. Voting will take place in April and is Socialist Francois Hollande favorite polls.

Shock in the medical world! A girl born just 10 years

This is in Colombia and came to hospital complaining of pain in the abdomen. Doctors had to make them Caesarean. The girl refused to say who is the father. But it seems that both are part of a tribe in Colombia.

10 years old girl was brought to the hospital sobbing and bleeding. After examining her, doctors have learned with astonishment that little went into labor.

Russian Viktor Bout, accused of selling weapons illegally Colombian sentenced to 25 years in prison

Russian Viktor Bout, accused of selling weapons illegally Colombian, was sentenced to 25 years in prison and ordered to pay a fine of $ 15 million.

Bout, dubbed by the media merchant of death, was found guilty by a court in New York for illegal sale of weapons to terrorist groups in Colombia.

He tried to sell guns and missiles of American intelligence agents posed as members of the Colombian guerrillas.

Aged 45 years, Russian is considered by Americans as one of the largest arms dealer in the world.

Angry that the world is not coming to church, an English priest to advise erotic believers

For many Christians, Easter is a celebration to be observed through prayer and went to church. A British priest has a different opinion about what we should do in the Resurrection Day.

Father Phil Ritchie, from All Saints Church in Hove, East Sussex, he advises believers to idle in bed on Easter Day, having sex and eating chocolate.

"This is a very important day, but can be celebrated in other ways, not only went to church. People do not come to you at your job, because it's not a pleasant activity for them, "said the priest.

A serial killer terrorizes Paris. The police are on alert after it was discovered fourth victim

Paris police is on alert after a 47 year old woman was found shot in the lobby of the building where he lived.

Killer weapon is one that has been used in three other murders recorded in November so far, so that the authorities fear that they are dealing with a serial killer.

All killings occurred within a radius of 10 km, in a suburb south of Paris. This time the victim is a woman of Algerian origin. Police sought help people, saying the killer moves with a motorcycle or a scooter white or blue.

France is still traumatized by the murder last month, when seven people were shot dead by a young 23 years.

So far, not been established similarities between the cases of Toulouse and Paris.

Scandal "Martin Trayvon" Coca Cola require U.S. to give up one of its partnerships

The largest soft drinks company in the world remained speechless in the greatest scandal in the U.S. last month.

Coca-Cola Co. give up membership in a conservative group that supports laws such as "Stand Your Ground", used in case of Trayvon Martin.

Young 17 year old was killed Feb. 26 in Sanford, Florida, by George Zimmerman, a man 28 years in a Latin Quarter. Zimmerman was a volunteer neighborhood watch and says he acted in self-defense, so that was not charged with murder.

Pepsi has ended ties with ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) since January

"Our connection with the ALEC was focused on efforts to have no discriminatory taxes on drinks and food, not on issues not related to our industry," it said in a statement.

The case has sparked much controversy in the United States, including President Barack Obama asking that all aspects are taken into account. "If I had a son, would look just like Trayvon".

In Florida, many people took to the streets with shirts that said "I am Trayvon" to show displeasure for how to escape although Zimmerman and shot the young man of color.

Scientists rewrite the rules of human reproduction. Mankind, in front of the ethics scandal

Scientists have succeeded in an experiment that will revolutionize human reproduction, but also gives rise to a serious ethical problem.

British scientists have created human eggs in the laboratory using stem cells taken from ovaries.

Now they demand the right authorities to artificially fertilize the eggs, continue to experiment. Their success could provide an inexhaustible resource for human eggs, to be used by infertile women.

Method could help older women to maintain fertility, elevating them from many problems and inconveniences to the menopause such as osteoporosis and heart disease.

For them, these stem cells could become a true "elixir of youth" that would ensure not only health, but long beauty.

Research are made by Edinburgh University, in collaboration with Harvard Medical School in Boston.

By this experiment, human eggs could be taken in a limited number of women who were treated with hormone stimulation.

Now scientists want to fertilize eggs, to see if they are viable, and will study them for 14 days, as required by law. Then these little embryos will be frozen or destroyed, as for research, not in vitro fertilization.

Professor Jonathan Tilly of Harvard: "We will change the idea that a woman is born with a limited number of cells that can produce eggs, and while they get lost ajungadu to the menopause. For now, we can get an unlimited number of human eggs from stem cells taken from ovaries ".

Researchers hope that they will receive approval for fertilising even this year, to see if indeed discovered the secret of unlimited human reproduction.

Video! He asked God to send a sign. When he opened his eyes was to pass out.

A shadow with an odd shape makes valve among the believers in the American state Louisiana.

For nearly two weeks, every day, thousands of people crowd into a chapel in New Orleans, where, on a pillar near the altar, they say, you can see the image of Jesus.

First reported the unusual shade of the pole was a student, almost two weeks ago.

The girl went to pray. He asked God to send a signal, he opened his eyes and saw the shadow.

Like any "miracle", so-called shadow of Jesus' career and quickly made believers filled the church or simply booby.

Over 10 million people in mortal danger. Social campaign that fires a warning

Large parts of western and central Africa have become so dry that the land is fertile and thus no animal lives and millions are in danger. UNICEF launched a media campaign 24 hours to shoot a warning on the food crisis in Africa.

Arid Sahel is an area that stretches across Africa to the Sahara Desert. She is known for its droughts and eight countries are currently the most difficult situations before, CNN.

United Nations estimates that more than ten million people are in real danger of starvation. Those who are already involved with helping them said the situation worsens visible.

"This year's harvest was so poor that we will reach only three months. When my husband goes to gather the fruit, I try to collect as many beans fallen. Sificiente Today I managed to gather for a meal," said Halima Isaka in Niger.

UNICEF has launched a social media 24 hours, all day Tuesday to shoot a warning on the food crisis in Africa.

Called SahelNOW campaign asked users of Facebook, Twitter and other media networks to post messages on Tuesday to draw attention to dangers that are around one million copies.

UNICEF Regional Director of the Sahel, David Gressly, the situation is explained in the region. "It is the failure to rainfall and drought in 2011. People trying to survive by selling personal possessions, the animals they have. Also withdraw their children from schools to handle the situation," he said.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently announced by emergency measure will be allocated 120 million dollars for humanitarian crisis in the Sahel.